Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation


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Innovate with our partners
Centres of Innovation (COIs)
From laboratory facilities to consultancy and training courses, you can receive assistance in developing and testing technology projects.
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Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI)
Connect with a global network of technology partners to develop innovative products and services.
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Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-UP)
Engage A*STAR Research Scientists and Engineers from Research Institutes (RIs) to help with suitable R&D or innovation projects.
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Open Innovation Network (OIN)
Connect with entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers to develop and test-bed solutions to address challenges in Singapore and beyond.
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Operation & Technology Roadmapping (OTR)
Map out how your business can grow with the right drivers, products and services, and technologies to establish a long-term growth strategy.
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Tech Access
Access the latest advanced manufacturing, biotech and biomedical scientific services and equipment to build tech capabilities, coupled with consultancy by technical experts from A*STAR.
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A*STAR Collaborative Commerce Marketplace
Expand your business network and find the right partner to explore business and technology synergies.
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Co-innovation of Products and Technology
Innovate with licensing or spinning off, and access product and technology co-development opportunities with A*STAR.
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Co-fund your innovation project
Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)
Supporting your journey into developing new areas of business growth and transformation.
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International Co-Innovation Programmes
Funding programmes for cross-border collaboration projects on technology development and co-innovation.
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National Innovation Challenges (NIC)
Receive support and funding to develop solutions and gain access to market opportunities under the NIC initiative.
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Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS)
Find the right financing tool to support your business expansion.
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Industry Alignment Fund – Industry Collaboration Projects (IAF-ICP)
Partner public research institutes in strategic R&D projects to address industry challenges. Gain access to public sector research capabilities, funding support, IPs and technologies.
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