Looking for your next big hit?
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: Looking for your next big hit?

Keep innovating, keep growing. In this series, we spotlight ideas and insights to help you get into the rhythm of innovation for 2024.

Once you’ve had a successful innovation, it can be hard to top it. But the best bands always have another great song in them.

With our symphony of partners and support, find new ways for your business to keep experimenting, pushing boundaries, and striking new chords.

Get inspired

Sometimes, it’s about playing and seeing where the music takes you.

Jam with fellow entrepreneurs, creators and investors at our events, such as the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), which saw over 9,000 in-person attendees in 2022, including C-suite executives, founders, and directors from global markets like the United States, Japan and Germany.

Or take part in Open Innovation Challenges, where real-world problems posed by large corporates such as Cargill and Miele can inspire solutions. In fact, some 140 new products have been born from such challenges to date. This includes an eco-friendly integrated energy solution that local startup Eigen Energy developed for Shell’s service stations.

"Through open innovation, startups like Eigen have the opportunity to work on real-world challenges and develop new innovations and competencies, which can be commercialised across industries and geographies."

Kevin Sim, Head of Business, Eigen Energy

Harmonise with others

Innovation is often a collaborative effort. Through the Global Innovation Alliance, we partner in-market players to run Co-Innovation Programmes with 40 countries. These programmes can help you collaborate with overseas partners on R&D projects to create new products with strong market potential.

Additionally, get connected to overseas partners who can help scale your solution to new heights or provide opportunities through Acceleration Programmes. These overseas partners span the gamut of companies, accelerators, research institutes, venture capital firms and other investors from as far as Abu Dhabi, Berlin and San Francisco, and closer to home like Ho Chi Minh City, and Mumbai and Tokyo.

Capturing edtech opportunities in Southeast Asia

Kinobi is an edtech company that aims to help youths transition smoothly from completing formal education to beginning a career. Through the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Manila Acceleration Programme, Kinobi was connected to F(DEV), the venture builder arm of Filinvest Development Corporation, and worked with them to develop a curriculum on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for student entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

The company also clinched a partnership with Universitas Indonesia after participating in the GIA Jakarta Acceleration Programme, to provide the university’s 40,000 students with a proprietary artificial intelligence-enabled tool that helps them create international-standard resumes.

Amp it up

Need to bolster your company’s R&D capabilities? Initiatives such as the Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) programme allow you to engage researchers, scientists and engineers from A*STAR’s research institutes and institutes of higher learning to accelerate product development efforts.

Meanwhile, Centres of Innovation aid in collaboration and knowledge sharing efforts by providing ready facilities and qualified experts to help you develop solutions in new growth areas and leverage emerging technologies.

Get into the groove

Whether it’s finding a new riff or experimenting with a new genre, we can help.

Learn how to grow your business through our innovation ecosystem today.