About this programme

To address challenges faced by startups in hiring tech talent, the Global Tech Talent Alliance (GTTA) supports startups’ internationalisation efforts by facilitating their access to local tech talent in markets such as Vietnam and India.

Under the GTTA initiative, companies can leverage a curated list of talent service providers with a strong market presence and incredible track records, to assist in building their local teams. By having the right techteam, companies can easily navigate local regulations and enter the market more effectively.

  • Access a trusted panel of talent service providers
    All service providers are experienced in helping Singapore companies build local tech teams in Vietnam and India
  • Get preferential rates
    Contact the respective talent service providers, with the code <GTTAESG> and copy GTTA@enterprisesg.gov.sg in your email.


All Singapore-based companies are eligible for the Global Tech Talent Alliance.

How to apply

Identify the market which you would like to hire tech talent from and select the talent service provider you would like to engage.
  • Vietnam
    Service Provider Contact Details Benefits/ special rates
    9cv9 Gilbert Neo (Mr)
    Director | 9cv9
    E ace@9cv9.com

    W https://9cv9.com/tech-offshoring
    Benefits/ special rates
    • 5% discount off a one-time onboarding fee
    • 5% discount off monthly offshoring management service fee. A two-month deposit of the managements service fee is required at the start of the offshoring period
    Fetch Technology Adrian Lim (Mr)
    CEO | Fetch Technology
    E adrian@fetch.tech
    T 65 8933 4200

    W https://fetch.tech
    Benefits/ special rates
    • 50% discount off one-time recruitment service based on employee annual gross salary
    • 50% discount off first two months of management service (priced at S$900/ month)
    • Note: Recruitment fee differs for recruitment-only service and full-suite management service
    Glints Yaoguang Han (Mr)
    Regional Product Marketing Lead | Glints
    E yaoguang@glints.com

    Sandy Goh (Ms)
    Head of Product Marketing | Glints
    E sandygoh@glints.com

    W https://employers.glints.com
    Benefits/ special rates
    • S$500 off Glints’ monthly fee for six months
    JDI Frank Lee (Mr)
    Managing Director | JDI
    E sales@techjdi.com

    W https://www.techjdi.com/
    Benefits/ special rates
    • 50% discount off one-time recruitment fees for the first headcount.
    • Lifetime discount on monthly management (Employer of Record) fees.

  • India
    Service Provider Contact Details Benefits/ special rates
    Web Synergies Kenneth Lew (Mr)
    Senior Sales Manager | Web Synergies
    E sales@websynergies.com
    T +65 9048 0988

    Website: https://www.websynergies.com
    Benefits/ special rates
    Discounted rates:
    • 5% discount on the monthly all-in-one fee for the first headcount hired/full assignment from the client, whichever comes first.
    • No set-up costs. (It is a pay-as-you-use system)

    Other benefits:
    • Infrastructure such as laptop, internet, endpoint security, and Office 365 account is included
    • Optional dedicated VOIP line with unlimited calling to/from Singapore for $50/month
    Xpheno Kedar Pethak (Mr)
    Talent Specialist | Xpheno
    E kedar.p@xpheno.com

    W https://www.xpheno.com/
    Benefits/ special rates
    Discounted rates:
    • Promotional 12% fee of the annual compensation package on client’s first headcount / assignment hired under the contract staffing model. (Usual fee is 22% of the headcount’s annual compensation package)

    Other benefits:
    • Local POC option for payment and enquiry support to be provided by local strategic partner, TG HR
    Squareboat Garima Gupta (Ms)
    Chief Marketing Officer | Squareboat
    E garima.gupta@squareboat.com
    T +91 9891424224

    W https://squareboat.com/
    Benefits/ special rates
    Discounted rates:
    • 7 days free trial

    Other benefits:
    • Free Tech/UX audit
    • Setup of Monitoring and alerts
    • Automated system backups

Contact your desired talent service providers through email.
In order to receive preferential rates, please quote the code <gttaesg> and copy EnterpriseSG (GTTA@enterprisesg.gov.sg) in your email.

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