About this investment arm

As the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, SEEDS Capital seeks to catalyse smart monies in Singapore-based, early-stage technology startups. SEEDS co-invests with institutional investors in innovative startups with strong intellectual content and global market potential.

Currently, there are over 100 deep tech startups in SEEDS Capital’s portfolio, and more than 40 co-investment partners, consisting of institutional investors including venture capital firms and investment arms of corporations.

SEEDS Capital co-invests in startups with the following ratio:

General tech Deep tech
Investment cap for each startup¹ S$2 million from SEEDS Capital S$8 million from SEEDS Capital
Co-investment ratio
(SEEDS Capital: co-investor) for first institutional round and before)
7:3 up to the first S$250,000 from SEEDS Capital;
1:1 thereafter, up to S$2 million
7:3 up to the first S$500,000 from SEEDS Capital;
1:1 thereafter, up to S$4 million;
3:7 thereafter, up to S$8 million
Co-investment ratio
(SEEDS Capital: co-investor) for second institutional round and onwards)
1:1 thereafter, up to S$2 million 1:1 thereafter, up to S$4 million;
3:7 thereafter, up to S$8 million

Co-investment approaches:

  • With appointed co-investment partners in strategic, emerging industries
    • Partners are appointed through Call-For-Proposals (CFPs)
    • There will be the launch of new CFPs from time to time. As part of new CFPs, public briefing sessions will be held and detailed specifications will be shared
  • With other third party co-investors into startups
    • Startups may approach SEEDS Capital for co-investments with third-party institutional co-investors, who are able to add strategic value to startups post-investment
    • The eligibility of co-investors and startups will be assessed by SEEDS Capital
    • Startups in strategic and emerging sectors such as Agritech, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and Space Technologies are eligible to apply
    • Deals will be presented to and evaluated by the Investment Committee comprising experienced industry and investment executives


For co-investors
With the aim to catalyse private sector investments in eligible Singapore-based startups, co-investors will be assessed based on your alignment to the Startup SG Equity co-investment scheme objectives, and the ability to value-add to startups.
  • Appointed partners
    • Information on the next call for new co-investment partner applications will be released publicly.
    • Potential partners will be evaluated on multiple criteria, including a strong management team, experience or track record in the relevant domains and ability to value-add to startups in specific emerging industry(s).
    • Find out more about the appointed partners under the "How to apply" section below. Interested investors may contact SEEDS at seeds@enterprisesg.gov.sg.
  • Third-party co-investors

    Interested co-investors should provide the following information:

    • Ability to contribute to the startup’s growth strategies
    • Management experience, relevant business contacts and/or necessary technical expertise that can value-add to the startup
    • Proposed investment quantum
    • Demonstrate independence and hold no prior interest (e.g. not hold shares in the investee prior to the co-investment for new investments)
    • Interested parties may contact us at seeds@enterprisesg.gov.sg.
For startups

Through co-investments, SEEDS supports the growth of innovative startups with strong intellectual content and global market potential.

Startups seeking funding must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Criteria for startups
    • A Singapore-based company with core activities carried out here
    • Startup should not be a subsidiary or joint-venture
    • Incorporated as a private limited company for less than ten years
    • Paid-up capital of at least S$50,000
    • Prove substantial innovative and intellectual content for its products and/or services and applications
    • High-growth potential with clear scalability for the international market
  • Other considerations
    • Identified a ready, independent third-party institutional investor(s).
    • Business must not be involved in the following business activities: gambling, tobacco-related products, or any other activities which are in violation of law, or against public interest.

How to apply

Identify the partner suited to your investment preferences.
Appointed Partners
For co-investment with appointed partners in specified domains:
  • Companies should apply directly to appointed partners to assess their investment case.
  • Appointed partners will submit the prospective co-investment to SEEDS Capital for further evaluation.
Non-appointed partners
For co-investment with non-appointed partners in all domains:
  • Submit your application to SEEDS Capital at seeds@enterprisesg.gov.sg, including these documents:
    • A two-page executive summary
    • Supporting documents for a first-level assessment would include:
      • Business plan
      • Financial statements or management accounts
      • Business ACRA
      • Background of potential co-investor (if available)
Ready to apply?

If you are applying in specific domains, apply directly to the appointed partners above.

If you are applying in all domains with non-appointed partners, submit your application to seeds@enterprisesg.gov.sg.

Need additional help?

For technical assistance, kindly contact us through the Enterprise Infoline.

Other ways we help

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