Central China

Regional integration and connectivity

Leverage the region’s strategic location as a major commerce, distribution and transport centre along the Yangtze River.

Base of advanced manufacturing industries

Contribute to well-developed industries such as electronics, IT, automotive, advanced machinery and construction.

Talent hub for high-tech enterprises

Tap opportunities in this developing economic hub with a steady stream of talent to support high-tech industries.

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Hubei Province

Home to more than 120 higher learning institutes, Hubei produces technically qualified graduates to support rapidly growing industries. It is the most economically developed province, powered by technology, innovation, automotive, electronics and high-end equipment manufacturing.

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Hunan Province

Hunan is established in machinery manufacturing, construction machinery, automotive, entertainment and media. Known for consumer culture and amongst the most liveable cities in China, Hunan is well regarded for its favourable business environment.

Jiangxi Province

One of China’s fastest growing provinces, Jiangxi is geographically well-connected and rich in natural resources. Jiangxi’s major industries include food processing, electronics, advanced manufacturing, chemical processing and tourism.

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