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Reshaping construction

Building a liveable and sustainable city 

Known for world-class infrastructure, Singapore has deep expertise in urban planning, development, and construction.

Transforming construction with innovative technology

Technology such as Internet of Things networks and digital tools now help to digitalise labour-intensive processes and optimise the use of manpower, equipment, and materials.

Advancing the future of a sustainable built environment

Greener building materials can minimise carbon footprint. IoT networks and digital tools on construction sites can coordinate workflows and enable collaboration.

Solutions for construction and the built environment

  • Sustainable building materials

    Reduce waste by using fewer natural resources, using readily available sustainable materials or enhancing the reusability of products.

  • Affordable housing solutions

    Tap Singapore’s expertise in building quality and affordable housing using innovative civil engineering solutions.

  • Advanced construction

    Achieve higher build quality and productivity by leveraging advanced construction competencies developed by Singapore companies.

  • Digital construction

    Adopt intelligent digital and cloud-based software for greater transparency, better coordination and resource optimisation, and closer monitoring of projects throughout the construction life cycle.

  • Green data centres

    Venture into the construction and operation of greener and more efficient data centres, which are gaining interest especially in tropical climates.

  • Connecting infrastructure

    Develop for large-scale projects, evaluate and decommission redundant infrastructure and use relevant metrics to evaluate the performance and impact of construction.

Key solutions include:

  • Building materials such as integral cement and ready-mix concrete, specialty cement and special polymers
  • Sustainable concrete innovation
  • Innovative asphalt mix
  • Mass engineered timber

Key solutions include:

  • Engineered steel frames
  • Automated precast plant with 3D prefabrication
  • Advanced precast solutions
  • Lightweight modular housing systems

Key solutions include:

  • Safe and innovative formwork system solutions
  • Comprehensive structural steelwork solutions
  • Modular, 3D precasting and prefabrication

Key solutions include:

  • Cloud-based software to capture, visualise and share construction sites virtually
  • Real-time monitoring of construction processes, operations and manpower
  • Workflow management system for construction projects
  • Smart field management software
  • Virtual reality environments that integrate BIM data and other data sources

Key solutions include:

  • Tier-certified colocation data centre facilities
  • Engineering services
  • Data centre management and operations
  • Green data centre solutions

Key solutions include:

  • Civil engineering, marine construction, land and marine piling
  • Concrete innovation and production
  • Heavy infrastructure solutions
  • Precasting, system formwork, falsework, structural rehabilitation and heavy lifting work

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