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The region's 1st eco-business park for cleantech innovation

Singapore’s Cleantech Park facilitates R&D and test-bedding of novel clean technology which support energy transition and carbon abatement strategies in industrial and commercial developments in cities.

A vibrant solar hub

Over the years, Singapore firms have developed capabilities in areas such as solar project development, solar products and advanced PV panel technologies to increase the country’s overall renewables capacity.

World-class power generation and distributon infrastructure

Singapore has built comprehensive infrastructure which includes power generation plants, transmission systems, gas distribution networks and a national electricity grid that is among the world’s most reliable.

Explore solutions for smart energy

  • Harnessing renewable energy

    Renewable energy is essential for cities to meet global energy needs sustainably. As technology costs decrease and the need to mitigate climate change increases, more cities are incorporating renewables into their energy mix as they diversify their energy sources. Singapore firms have developed strong capabilities to increase the country’s overall renewables capacity.

  • Power generation and electrification

    Resilient infrastructure and systems help to ensure reliable power generation and distribution for societal and industrial development. Singapore has built a strong energy infrastructure with power generation plans, transmission systems, and a national electricity grid that is among the world’s most reliable.

  • Energy storage

    From large-scale energy storage technologies to portable power generation sets and smart battery management systems, Singapore companies provide energy storage solutions to support smart grid implementation, and stronger integration of renewable energies.

  • Maximising efficiency with energy monitoring

    Singapore companies’ diverse energy management capabilities can help cities to achieve and maintain their energy procurement and utilisation. By enabling more cities to better manage and coordinate their energy technologies, they can pave the way towards a smarter and more secure energy future.

Key solutions include:

  • Rooftop solar photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial buildings in Singapore and overseas markets
  • Turnkey solutions and leasing schemes for solar electricity from third-party investors

Key solutions include:

  • Turnkey renewable energy microgrid solutions for off-grid businesses
  • Peer-to-peer trades across the power grid for remote transactions
  • Training and consultancy services in power procurement, dispatch and exchange entities, and regulation
  • Solar photovoltaic installations, offsite clean energy supply, energy efficiency, and project financing
  • Customisable services across gas, power renewables, solar and wind, water, and waste sectors.

Key solutions include:

  • End-to-end storage for electric mobility and the renewable energy ecosystem
  • Storage systems for renewable energy, backup power, mission-critical assets and grid regulation
  • Vanadium redox flow batteries for large-scale energy storage solutions

Key solutions include:

  • Energy management to monitor quality and consumption patterns
  • Optimising system performance through machine learning
  • Marketplace platforms for solution matching
  • Urban utility service aggregation for cooling and asset efficiency

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