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Our Mobility and Transport Story

Planning for inclusive mobility systems

Singapore companies are using tech to develop solutions that contribute to a more inclusive transport system that caters to different mobility needs.

Harnessing data for smarter transportation infrastructure

Singapore uses real-time traffic information to better manage the public transport system and improve the commuter experience.

Defining the future of mobility

We plan for future mobility challenges, and understand how to better deal with land and labour limitations with trends and data.

Solutions for smart and sustainable urban mobility

  • Fleet management and vehicle monitoring systems

    Singapore companies have developed solutions to better manage fleets of vehicles and help make smarter mobility decisions through precise data analytics.

  • HD mapping

    Our local companies have built expertise in HD mapping solutions.

  • Traffic monitoring

    As one of the densest cities in the world, Singapore has mastered traffic monitoring and learnt to detect transport network issues for the benefit of private and public businesses.

Key solutions include:

  • Tracking devices for personnel, vehicles, vessels
  • Smart fleet management systems

Key solutions include:

  • 3D mapping solutions
  • Maintenance for satellite positioning mapping infrastructure and navigation applications

Key solutions include:

  • Traffic incident platform
  • AI-based video analytics for traffic data
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

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