Smart buildings and precincts
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Our building blocks

Designing liveable, active and human-centric spaces

Singapore’s land scarcity has driven a strategy of blending spaces and optimising land use to enhance liveability for our citizens.

Integrating technologies to power a Smart Nation

Central to Singapore’s smart cities story are the advanced technologies developed and deployed by Singapore companies.

Developing sustainable solutions for a greener future

Investments into building decarbonisation and asset rejuvenation are key to securing a sustainable future.

Explore solutions for smart buildings and precincts

  • Sustainable and human-centric building design

    Singapore architects and interior designers have designed buildings and spaces that make Singapore a sustainable and liveable place to work, live and play in.

  • Integrated and automated building management

    Singapore companies have pioneered the development of smart cities by transforming asset usage and building efficient digital and urban ecosystems powered by data, IoT and AI.

  • Decarbonisation and healthier buildings

    Building owners and facility managers are enhancing services for better indoor environments to serve the health, comfort, and safety of occupants.

  • Healthtech-embedded buildings

    To support a growing ageing population, Singapore companies have developed healthtech solutions that promote the convenience and safety of residents in buildings.

Key solutions include:

  • Human-centric and place-making design to activate underutilised spaces
  • Environmentally sustainable design for net-zero and easily maintainable buildings
  • Digital-twin solutions for efficient building planning and maintenance

Key solutions include:

  • Predictive maintenance capabilities, supported by AI-enabled IoT sensors
  • Integrated and interoperable control and building automation systems
  • Off-grid and readily deployable wireless transmission systems, for cost-efficient network coverage

Key solutions include:

  • Sustainable building materials to decarbonise and cool indoor spaces
  • Advanced indoor environment quality sensors and disinfectants
  • Energy efficiency and carbon management solutions to visualise and account for a building’s carbon footprint

Key solutions include:

  • Sound and motion sensors for emergency monitoring and response
  • Wireless Bluetooth command and control systems for home and hospital room automation

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